Hotel Reservation System

IRIS is Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Reservation System which is used by Call Centre Agents to create reservations on behalf of Guest. IRIS is

an old Project which has been in continuous development since its launch in 2007. We performed an analysis in 2014 on IRIS to understand the scope of UX and Usability.


The end users are the call center agents who are trained to use the application.


The intent behind this endeavor was to present the ideas to improve the usability and user experience of IRIS application. The design proposes:

  • Increased productivity
    Seamless reservation creation in lesser time thus increasing the number of reservations per day. The application should also be very fast to navigate for experienced users. 
  • Reduced costs on formal training
    The intuitive layout thus cutting the cost and time spent on agent training and reducing the learning curve. Easy to know what to do next and where to go to find what user wants.
  • Better UX
    It promotes having all the features available at a single click. This maximizes the screen space ensuring data is available above the fold of the page avoiding vertical scroll.


Requirement Gathering

  • Visited DELRO Centre
  • Agent Interviews
  • Trainer Interviews
  • Understanding the guest requirements
  • Understanding the most frequent task flows
  • Understanding key user scenarios
  • Understanding Agent pain-points
  • Competitor Site Analysis like Expedia, Travelocity, and Trivago.

UX Wireframing

  • Initial discussions and documents help in understanding the requirements
  • the wireframes were made using Balsamiq/Invision
  • Wireframes were shared with the client for user flow and features review


Balsamiq, Invision


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