Weather Alert System

The Weather Channel uses special proprietary equipment that inserts information on current and future local weather conditions, and weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center. To manage this alerting mechanism

we helped them to devise a system where people having different roles monitor the weather through that system and generate proper alerts for the people living in the vicinity.


The goals/objectives for the defined workstream efforts are:

  • To construct the Emergency Manager community web service/console allowing for input, management and distribution of civil safety alerts.
  • Ensure local alerts created by emergency managers can be shared/distributed on TWC channels, desktop/mobile devices, IPAWS, and other systems subscribed to our API
  • To provide a localized alerts system to emergency managers, with an intuitive interface
  • To offer a localized alerts system with a consistent experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices

Business Justification: There is an opportunity for TWC to become a leader in the aggregation and distribution of a broad suite of Safety Alerts including, but not restricted to weather alerts, civil alerts, & emergency management alerts. This project is aligned with three of the 4S: Safety, Science, and Service. Current local alerts offerings don’t have the reach or comprehensive capabilities that TWC can bring to the market, which creates a business opportunity


All the users who login into the application. There were about 5 roles to be accounted in the system.


Received wireframes from the client and were expected to create a responsive layout.


Successfully devised the system to fulfill the business requirement.



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